Welcome to the Burkman WikiEdit

Welcome to Liam's trash pit. I assume you came from, and if you where there, you probably came from Anyway, this is the guide to a copy of Batman, and anything about that. Yeet was was created in around february, 2015. When Liam tried to kill the yeet (terrible, right?) by removing his "The Board" forum/battleground page. Unfortunately for Liam, us yeet found other ways to manipulate his mind and screw him over. Make Sure to log out of wikia and go punch a hole through your personal and T.V. and shoot your butler because your too angry that you didn't get what you want. (*cough cough* Liam *cough cough*)

Burkman is deadEdit

the yeet tossed him out a 13 story window. guess he got bad luck.

Latest activityEdit

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